EPLS: high quality language services at competitive prices

Why choose EPLS?

Epls is made up of a group of professional interpreters and boasts small businesses as well as government agencies among its clients. All interpreters are highly qualified, specialized in different sectorial fields and with many years of experience behind them.

How does it work?

Our work is divided into several phases:

Project analysis: The project is received and analyzed by the manager.

Project evaluation: The estimate is drawn up and delivered to the customer.

Initialization of the project: The project is assigned to the translator with the most experience in the field.

Quality control: The project is checked and reviewed.

Project delivery: The completed project is delivered to the customer.

What services does EPLS offer?

Interpreting on site
Telephone-remote interpreting
Language lessons Voice over

Who is in charge of EPLS?


Masters in interpreting and translation with experience gained in intergovernmental agencies.

Dr. Eleonora Venti has been working on her own since she obtained the Master in International Communication in Rome. This allowed her to deepen her knowledge of the Italian market and to offer her services to ministries, intergovernmental agencies, international customers and the media.

In his opinion, customer satisfaction is of fundamental importance, for this reason it guarantees continuous communication with the customer throughout the entire translation / interpreting process.


written by EPLS the 22 julio, 2020

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