Houston is a city that has always been associated with the concept of space discovery. In truth, among the main attractions of the Texas city, there is also a beautiful Museum of Natural Sciences.

It was created in 1909, by an organization whose purpose was to educate the citizens of Houston. It is visited by over 2 million visitors each year. The original core was a collection of gems and minerals in the museum, but it soon expanded. The museum also has interesting educational programs for each individual age group. The current location of the museum is positioned at Hermann Park.

The current structure of Houston Museum was created from 1964 to 1969. 

In recent years, a beautiful paleontology wing was opened, which will make all fossil enthusiasts enthralled. There are also whole skeletons of prehistoric animals.

Inside the museum, there are 17 permanent exhibitions. The exhibition of Fabergé eggs stands out for its particularity, in addition to the curiosities of science, the wildlife of Africa, an exhibition focused on chemistry, and many others.

The exhibition that illustrates the ecology of the marine coast of Texas is very interesting. There is also an exhibition on the wilderness of the US.

For lovers of ancient Egypt, there are very interesting exhibits in an exceptional state of preservation.

Finally, there is a small exhibition on Native Americans, who were very often victims of persecution over the centuries. For all those who are looking for moments of historical culture, within a city famous for modern technology, this is the right place. Technology is certainly not lacking, but here it is used to emphasize and explain the history of humankind and nature.

It is, therefore, perfect for visits with children in order to introduce them to the history of our planet. If you visit Houston, a stop at the Museum of Natural Sciences is an absolute must.

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written by eleonora the 9 junio, 2021

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