Transcript Translation Services for international corporate events

In business, as in every aspect of life, communication is the key to achieving our goals and maintaining good relationships with everyone around us. However, this is a huge challenge for international companies because it can be quite challenging to transmit messages precisely in many languages. Luckily, ¡Transcript translation services are here to save the day!

Communicate with everyone

In coaching conferences aimed at a corporate audience, you might hear someone say “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team”. In fact, this is a quote by former NBA player and coach Phil Jackson.

Although it may sound a little bit cliché, this quote reminds us that without a good relationship with the people that you’re working with, it’ll be impossible to fulfill your tasks. For some, it sounds like something easy to accomplish, but when you manage a team with members all around the world you realize how complicated it can be.

How to break language barriers?

Let’s say you manage a big company with branch offices on every continent. If you want to elaborate a content to communicate the goals of the company, you can’t make it available only in your native language.

Some of your collaborators will be able to understand it, but you will not be bonding with all of them. Others won’t understand what you’re saying.

In this particular scenario, you will be needing transcript translation services to help you create different contents with the same information, but each in every language required.



The best transcript translation services

You will find the best transcript translation services in EPLS. We have a team of highly-prepared professionals ready to help you. We offer three different services:

  • Same language transcription: type up the content of an audio or video.
  • Multi-language transcription: type up the content of an audio or video in another language.
  • Transcription + Translation: type up the content of an audio or video in the original language and the translation.




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written by mktg the 15 October, 2021

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