Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is the right choice if the speaker does not want to pause during his speech and ideal for an immediate translation of concepts. If you are looking for maximum attention to details, the simultaneous interpretation would be the best choice. My team of professionals guarantees immediacy and precision. It is the most used technique during a conference. Each member of the audience gets a receiver headset and can listen to the interpretation.

Consecutive interpretation

This type of interpreting service is the right choice if you prefer a more interactive environment. The speaker has to stop every 5 minutes for his/her words to be translated into another language and transfer the message in short bursts. For this reason, I recommend this type of service for general meetings and conferences. Professional consecutive interpreting is a skill set, which includes prolonged note-taking, concentration, and coping strategies. Only specially trained conference interpreters can perform this type of interpretation.

Whispered interpretation

It consists of speaking simultaneously into the ear of an individual sitting close by. However, it is possible to extend this service to two people. Whispered interpretation is perfect if only one or two people do not speak the language used in the meeting. It may be used during visits, where the client is an observer, and when the simultaneous service is necessary just for a limited number of clients.

Remote / Telephone interpretation

This service is perfect if you don’t need the interpreter to be physically present. We can schedule a voice/video call instead. Remote interpretation involves the interpreter joining your teleconference remotely or at your office and is usually used for short discussions.

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