The translation is an activity that dates back to ancient times. And this profession is the answer to a primary need of human beings: communication. Without having to attend a history class, it is known that professional interpreters have played an important role in the development of civilization.

Interpreters have been an important element in some events, from the times of conquest in the middle of the millennium to the peace treaties of the world wars.

When professional interpreters changed human history

Knowing, translating, and interpreting has been a necessary tool in the growth and development of human life. Keep reading and learn about three important moments in which the role of professional interpreters changed the course of history.

First World War

The diplomatic talks at the beginning of the 20th century were fundamental to finish several conflicts. This moment is the official beginning of the profession of interpreting.

And even when we know that this activity is older, it is a relevant moment. Especially, because in the conciliation rooms just a few people knew a different language than their native dialect and communication were dificult.

And in the face of this problem, the interpreters were the solution!

So, in this and many other conciliation spaces, professional interpreters were of great help to the final agreements.

The arrival of International Organizations

With the opening of the Congress of Vienna in 1815 and then the arrival of the UN, the profession of interpreting and translation became almost a requirement to give meaning to these meetings.

Although many country representatives have the ability and knowledge to understand several languages at the same time, the growth of these international organizations and the birth of many others, has made professional interpreters a fundamental part of the organization.

So, the most remarkable thing is that even with automated mechanisms for translation, sometimes professional interventions are fundamental.

Nuremberg Trials

Known as one of the crucial political events of the 20th century, the Nuremberg Trials are also one of the biggest milestones for consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.

So, this is one of the most relevant moments for the translation profession. To make it possible is necessary a lot of professionalism, coordination, and accuracy.

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