In the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, precision is mandatory in every process to guarantee the wellness of the patients. Some given situations, one spelling mistake could cost a life. In an international context, where language is a barrier for medical procedures, certified translation services are the best way to reduce the probability of error to a minimum.

When do I need certified translation services for medical documents?

There are some ‘daily’ situations in which you may need the translation of medical documents and others exclusively commissioned for high-complexity procedures.

Moving abroad

For example, if you have moved recently to another country, you’ll need a certified translation of your medical records if you want to continue with any kind of treatment that you started in your hometown.

This is necessary because the new doctor that will monitor the treatment must have all the information about your previous health condition.

This kind of service is also needed if you want to hire medical insurance or study abroad.

International procedures

Some diseases require the participation of many specialists across the world. In these situations, where precision is a must, certified translation services guarantee good communication between all the parts involved.

Usually, these situations demand translations of physical examination reports, clinical trials, toxicology reports, regulatory documentation, scientific articles, and so on.

Everything covered with EPLS

Medical documents translation is made with a rigorous quality process to be considered a valid and 100% precise interpretation.

So, in EPLS, we have highly specialized translators with the skills and knowledge needed to work these kinds of texts. With us, you will get high-quality translations in English, Italian and Spanish. All of them completely confidential, and at the best prices.

Contact us right now and learn everything about our certified translation services.

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