Certified Translation Services: the key to B2B communication

People that work in international trading know the importance of certified translation services in business-to-business communication. Without this solution, it would be impossible to create relationships of trust between organizations.

Understanding this situation, in EPLS we offer translation services for specialized sectors such as medical and pharmaceutical, finance and business, tourism, hospitality, and immigration. Therefore, if you want to know why we are the ally you are looking for, keep reading.

Why are Certified Translation Services so important?

One of the biggest challenges in business-to-business communications is to get over language barriers. Even when every agreement is made in good faith, it’s impossible to sign a document if you are not sure about what it says.

This is where certified translation services play a core role. Our translators have all the skills to guarantee you that the final product will be 100% precise. For this purpose, we’ve designed an exhaustive process of revision, editing, and proofreading to create clear texts that can communicate the same information as to their original versions.

We believe in human translations

In EPLS we are completely sure that automatic translation tools will never be able to replace the skills and knowledge that humans have developed through centuries.

We believe in human translations made by professionals specialized in different sectors and with many years of experience. In this way, 5 aspects differentiate our certified translation services:

  • High-quality translations
  • Mother tongue, highly specialized translators
  • Quick turnover
  • Competitive prices
  • Confidentiality



In short, if you want to be successful in international business, you need an ally that allows you to build solid communication bridges with other organizations. Also, don’t forget that accuracy in your translations is a key that will open many doors for you.

If you want to know more about EPLS and our services visit our website or let us know your questions on our contact page. Also, you can communicate with us through email at or ask for a videoconference via zoom.

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written by mktg the 21 August, 2021

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