Whether it\’s for business or pleasure, your first trip to South America is something that will be hard to forget.  Let\’s see the most common questions to answer before discovering breathtaking landscapes.


What is the best period to visit this beautiful area? 

Most South American countries are located below the equator and, therefore, have the seasons reversed compared to those in Italy.  This means that, when it is summer in Italy, it is winter in South America and vice versa.  Therefore, before planning your trip to South America, take into consideration the aspect related to climate and temperatures. Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, and Paraguay have a very similar climate, with two distinct seasons between them. From November to May, we find the rainy season, which is later replaced by the dry season which ends in October. Whereas Chile, Uruguay, Argentina and the southern area of Brazil have a climate very similar to ours with four seasons, hot summers and cold winters.

Distances matter! 


Even just to move within the same province takes hours by car/bus. Public transport works and even long journeys are easy to manage. For longer distances, there are special “cama and semi-cama” buses. Them allow you to lie down completely or almost completely, respectively.

Every country has its treasures to discover 


A trip to the South American continent is ideal if you want to discover ancient civilizations. You can also see some of the world\’s most beautiful natural landscapes. 

South America is safe, but you need caution as with any trip 

One of the safest countries in Latin America is definitely Argentina. However, that doesn\’t mean you won\’t run into danger. Just as in any country you decide to visit adopting the classic safety rules, it is also advisable to avoid walking in the dark at night outside of tourist areas. 

The language: say goodbye to Castilian Spanish! 

If you are coming to South America for the first time, while you have a strong foundation in Castilian Spanish, you will notice that the pronunciations here are very different.  For example, the \”y\” and \”ll\” in Argentina and Uruguay are pronounced very heavily. The “r” in Costa Rica is pronounced like the English “r” etc.  Also, some words have different or even vulgar meanings, but we\’ll find that out in the next articles. 

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