There are many questions around certified translation services because not everyone understands the process of certificated documents. For this reason, today, we will explain the benefits of this service and how all the information remains safe.

Usually, when someone requires this kind of service it is because they need to have a 100% precise copy of a document in another language. These documents often contain very important information, and it is necessary to keep the identity of each person who has read it confidential.

The benefits of certified Translation Services

The main difference between certified translation services and other types of translation that could be done digitally , lies in certain interpretation skills that only humans have.

For example, while a software can point the translation of each word, a professional knows how all the worlds interact. Prepared experts that have all the skills and knowledge necessary to perform this task made this translations.

Also, when you hire certified translation services you have the support of a company like EPLS. With us, you have everything you need: all the accreditations and guarantees that your translation is 100% precise and confidential.

The best human translations

At EPLS we offer the best human translations for your most important documents. We have a team of highly prepared professionals ready to translate any text into English, Spanish, or Italian. With us, you’ll get high-quality translations, mother tongue specialized translators, quick turnover, competitive prices, and confidentiality.

We are specialists in many sectors like the medical, pharmaceutical, finance, business, tourism and migration. Visit our website and learn everything you need to know about our service and the different translation packages that we offer. ¡Starting from €120!

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