Lake Atitlán: Mayan history, experienced through the nature of Guatemala

Today’s trip takes us to Guatemala and, in particular, to Lake Atitlán. 

We are talking about a very ancient lake, the deepest in all of Central America. It is surrounded by three volcanoes, from which it takes its name. The volcanoes are San Pedro, Toleman, and Atitlán. 

Lake Atitlán is located about 1,500 meters above sea level and has a beautiful blue color. Temperatures are mild and never exceed 27 degrees Celsius and do not fall below 10 degrees Celsius. The best time to visit it is during our winter, as that is when there is less rain. To characterize the village are about 12 different places, which are distinguished between small villages and large cities.


Atitlán: The lake also preserves something unique.

We are talking about as many as 15 different Mayan dialects. The most famous village is undoubtedly Panajachel, which is very lively but also very dusty. It is the only village that connects by road to modern civilization.

There are also several supermarkets and grocery stores. It has a large number of accommodations, including hotels and Western restaurants. I especially recommend for you not to miss the beautiful sunset views on a cruise. 

After arriving in this city, I also recommend that you visit the Sunday market, which continues for the other days of the week in a reduced form. 

The village of Santa Cruz is also beautiful.

We are talking about a vertical village of a traditional Mayan city. In this place, it is especially recommended to go scuba diving as it is full of beauty below sea level. 

To get to Lake Atitlán, the best choice is a private shuttle that, from your hotel, takes you directly to the site. 

This is a small guide on this beautiful lake located in Central America, which is famous worldwide for its history of Mayan origin and a lifestyle reminiscent of centuries past. It is impossible to eliminate it from your list of things to visit in Guatemala!



written by eleonora the 14 July, 2021

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