Tick Tack! When you are running an event there is no time to lose. Everybody must do their job in the best possible way. There is no chance to pause everyone\’s activities every 5 minutes to translate what someone is saying. Fortunately, with simultaneous interpretation, this will no longer be a problem.

International events are more and more common every day and on-site interpretation has become a must when building a good relationship with your audience.

Should I use simultaneous interpretation for my event?

Firstly, the goal of simultaneous interpretation is to help a speaker bond with an audience that doesn’t understand his language. Many years ago, this could not have been done in a big event. However, thanks to technology, today it is entirely possible.

A simultaneous interpreter\’s job is to hear the speech actively, translate it into the language of the audience and reproduce it almost at the same time. It is worth noting that the interpreter is located in another room. He/she transmits the message through an audio interface that is connected with each one of the listeners\’ headsets. Quite impressive, right?

One of the most common situations where you can see simultaneous interpretation is at diplomatic summits. It is true that most of the world leaders speak English. But there are certain situations in which speakers that don’t speak English or simply refuse to do it give the conferences.

For this reason, governments around the world hire simultaneous interpreters to help international leaders communicate between themselves without any trouble. Can you imagine someone like Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping pausing every couple of minutes while giving a speech at a UN summit? Impossible!

At EPLS we have a team of highly qualified professionals that guarantee immediacy and precision in the interpretation of every speech given during your event. We give maximum attention to details.

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