In this era of the digital and immediate, remote interpretation has become a very useful tool for entrepreneurs, governments, teachers, and doctors. Understanding someone who speaks a different language, in real-time, is something that we didn\’t think was possible a couple of decades ago.

And it is a tool that is here to stay, transform and adapt day by day to the needs of our society. But since not everything is perfect, remote interpretation is also a task with some challenges. Since unstable internet connections, crossed schedules and new technologies can complicate its execution a bit. We tell you what they are and how we can overcome them.

What is remote interpreting?

We could say that remote interpreting is an emerging modality of simultaneous interpreting. Here, the interpreter is in a different place (perhaps kilometers away) from the main transmitter.

We could even say that in these \”modern times\” remote interpreting is the best way to continue our activities and events while keeping ourselves safe.

Until now, remote interpretation has been done in two modalities: the first one, in which the interpreter is at home and connects through a specialized platform or software; and the second one, known as \’hybrid\’, in which the interpreter is in a specialized studio called a hub.

What are the main challenges?

Today, the biggest challenges of remote interpretation are related more to the technical aspects than to the practice as such. And the reality is that its advantages are always more than its disadvantages. We will tell you the details.

Technical assistance

Any event or activity that depends on remote interpretation for its correct execution must have specialized and efficient technical assistance. This is to guarantee a quick response to any possible incident during the transmission and interpretation at every moment.


The use of platforms designed to do this type of work is essential for proper execution. No matter which provider you choose, the important thing is that it has a remote interpretation system.

Other aspects

The connection to the network, as well as a space free of interference, will be key factors to carry out a high-quality remote interpretation. Therefore, it\’s always advisable to check the status of the connections of the different participants to guarantee that everything works well before starting an event, conference, training, class, or any other type of activity.

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