Interpersonal communications with participants whose speech came from different backgrounds always posed a conflict for those who did not have an advanced level of oral (or written) fluency in the language of the other person. But this is a thing of the past thanks to VRI (Video Remote Interpretation).

Indeed, the current pandemic context has crowned (at least momentarily) remote work as a key player for companies during quarantines. Thus, remote work represented, despite everything, a great opportunity for companies to open their work frontiers to other countries. And we know what was the main obstacle to this.

Real-time inter-language communications

The globalized context in which we live today, coupled with the great potential that technological advances bring, means to succeed on a macro scale, it is mandatory to have human or technical resources with multi-language support.

There is even a big plus point in this story. In the past, it was always necessary for the language translator to be present at the time of the dialogue or translation that needed to be done (unless it could be done by telephone).

Today, however, presence can also be virtual, thanks to technology that allows remote video interpreting.

Other benefits of Remote Interpretation Services

Let\’s stop thinking at the corporate level for a moment. As you know, interpersonal communication between different languages never considers the context as a barrier to take place.

Thanks to this type of remote interpretation service, literally any situation requiring an interpreter or translator can be solved. Let\’s propose an example: you are on vacation in another country and, due to some misfortune, you need emergency medical assistance.

The fact of having video transmission will not only allow a more fluid oral communication between the parties, but also the fact of being able to see the other person will make things much easier.

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