As each year passes, technology gets more sophisticated and we as a society rely more and more on the facilities we are given. Even though it may not sound entirely auspicious, this situation opens the door for intercultural exchange and is erasing the concept of frontiers. ¿How is this possible? Keep reading to discover how technology and remote interpretation are leading us to a new world.

Remote Interpretation means connecting the world

You may have already seen how the world will be in the future without knowing it. Recently, “new reality” video conferences have increased in popularity and people learned that physical barriers aren’t an obstacle to communicating with others.

This reasoning implies another big conclusion: language shouldn’t be a barrier. Nowadays there’s a lot of alternatives to communicate with another person on the other side of the world even if none of you speaks English or each other’s native languages.

This is how some of the biggest international deals are made in diplomatic, cultural, financial, and technological terms. And, surprisingly, it is fairly easy with the help of remote interpretation.

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¿What is remote interpretation?

Remote interpretation is a service that EPLS has designed as a solution to overcome any obstacle in this kind of situation. Using the principles of simultaneous interpretation where an interpreter translates what the speaker is saying in real-time, with the remote option you’ll get the same results for your online conferences.

In this case, the interpreter will join the call remotely and will communicate directly with you so as not to interrupt the speaker. Also, if you prefer it, the interpreter will reach your office and translate there.

We have a group of professional interpreters highly prepared to offer the best services to a range of clients, from small businesses to government entities. We guarantee you confidentiality, competitive prices, and 100% precise translations.

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