Have you ever wondered where that voice you hear comes from when you watch an ad or your favorite documentary? No, it’s not a very small person behind your screen, it’s called voice over and it is a production technique that is present in almost every multimedia product that you’ve ever seen.

Keep reading! Today we’re going to reveal how this works and how it can help you to empower your projects.

What is voice over?

Voice over is a technique that consists of pre-recording a speech to use it later in a production. The best way to understand it is with an example. Let’s imagine you are watching a fantasy movie: a traditional actor will be playing the role of the king; a powerful man who will give a speech for his people. But before that happens, you hear an anonymous voice that gives the context of the situation: “In a faraway land, before the night fell, the king was preparing to speak to his soldiers on the eve of the great battle, but just before intoning his words, he saw that it was already too late…”

The person who is telling you that is a voice-over actor. Someone specialized in acting only with his or her vocal chords but prepared to make you feel such deep emotions, like any other actor.

EPLS: the best service

In EPLS we have a team of professional voice over actors that are ready to help you in any recording you may need for audiobooks, documentaries, business presentations, advertisements, e-learning platforms, etc.

Remember that if you want to tell a story that your audience will never forget, you need to recite it with a voice that fills them with emotions. This is a skill that only the best actors have.

If you want more information about our voice over actors or any of our translation or transcription services visit our website or contact us via Facebook or LinkedIn.

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