We are entering the fourth quarter of 2021. The virus is finally -and slowly- getting behind us. As it passes, barriers are being lifted and country borders are gradually reopening. In this particular context, would you say professional interpreting services are disappearing or in high demand?

Yes, you guessed right. Several thriving industries are still in need of translation services, even after the pandemic kicked the board. In fact, massive digitalization has created lots of opportunities in this kind of assistance as well.

Travel Agencies

As we regain our safety and freedom to cross borders, the travel industry reactivates and recovers. That means that a lot of new jobs are being created, especially considering that this industry is expected to grow substantially in the coming years, after its big setback.

An important portion of those positions will come from travel agencies, and these are always in need of professional interpreting services. In order to provide neat and well-organized travel plans, agencies need to hire translators for the most essential of actions such as booking reservations. Or even to understand changes and updates in foreign legislations.

The insurance industry and legal professions

In an insurance policy, where distinctive word choice can bind people to very different contracts, the precision of language is essential. There is a whole series of tasks that insurance companies carry out where they could use interpreting services, such as elaborating risk analysis reports or attending accident claims.

The same applies to legal and judicial professions, which require practitioners to be extremely clear with their communication, especially with their clients.

In countries where there are many different ethnicities, communities and languages, these areas are always in demand for translators. For example, in the United States, it is mandatory by law for courts to offer professional interpreting services to those who don’t have enough English language proficiency.

This seems to be an upward trend as more and more people are finding out that now they can work remotely and live wherever they please.

Entertainment and corporate professional interpreting services

The entertainment industry continues to generate opportunities for professional translators and it does not seem to be shrinking, but totally the contrary. Voice-over translations represent one of the main services needed for productions like documentaries, movies, TV shows, audiobooks and other types of fiction.

But also there is a growing demand for written professional interpretation services in motion pictures, advertisements and even videogames.

On the other hand, you have dozens of companies willing to pay for the assistance of interpreters to help them manage their global workflow. Did you know that Apple has been hiring technical translators that master Chinese, Korean and Spanish languages? Somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea there is a company that has to handle oil deals in six different languages (English, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Hebrew and Korean). Not everybody knows that.

This is just a hint of how important professional interpreting services are today. There is no doubt that they will be around for a couple more years. Just take a look at the industries that are being -and will be- impacted the most by globalization and digitalization.

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