Certified Translation Services are a must for persons and institutions that plans to establish any kind of international communication. These services can be useful for diplomatic, economic, cultural, or tourism purposes.

However, some think that certified translations services are just the same as using software like Google Translator.

Why should I choose Certified Translation services?

There are two main characteristics that differentiate certified translation services from software fast-paced translations. These are human and legal aspects.

To begin with, only a professional certified locally can make a translation that is valid as a document abroad. This kind of institutional backup is required for visa applications, international trade contracts, or diplomatic agreements between two countries.

The human aspects are broader. Although translation software is indeed very precise and practical when it comes to translating simple sentences, they have a lot of problems when you need to translate complex texts.

For example, some translations require a great understanding of the context in which the original document was created. Only highly-qualified professionals can perform this task.

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How much can it cost?

Firstly, the cost of certified translation services depends on the amount of time needed to fulfill the project. For example, the translation of a small document of 1500 words starts from €120. The cost of this document will go up according to the difficulty of the content and its extension.

We use the same methodology with other services that we offer. Proofreading starts from €45 for 1.500 words documents, a voice-over from €350 for 3 hours, remote interpretation from €140 for 2 hours, and online language lessons from €35 for 1 hour.

If you need a bigger project, you’ve come to the right place. One of our team managers will analyze the task, prepare a budget for your approval and then assign it to the fittest member of our team.

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